Ghana: “The GNAT Standpoint On Education” Launched

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The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has launched a book as part of its contribution to improving quality pre-tertiary education in the country.

The five-chapter book titled, “The GNAT Standpoint on Education,” outlines the Association’s position on quality education through a good school environment and infrastructure, provision of teaching and learning resources, learner/teacher support, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation, among others.

The Standpoint is expected to serve as a reference for governments, political parties, donor agencies, and other stakeholders interested to know teachers and educational workers’ position on matters relating to quality pre-tertiary education.

It is also to trigger a social dialogue on educational policy formation.

Reverend Professor Emmanuel Addow-Obeng, President of the Presbyterian University College, who launched the book, commended the Association for impacting positively on the educational system through the policy document.

He called on government and other stakeholders to make good use of the book to transform the educational sector.

Professor Dominic Mensah, Director of the Institute of Teacher Education and Continuing Professional Development at the University of Education, Winneba, reviewing the book said there was a need for government to install broadband internet connectivity to promote E-Learning at the pre-tertiary level.

The Book, he said had called for training and understanding for learner/teacher on how to promptly handle emergencies properly before experts were called.

Professor Mensah said the incorporation of early childhood education in the public sector, which had been capitalized by private schools must not be taken for granted.

The Standpoint called for collaboration between the Government and religious bodies to run early childhood education, especially in rural areas, the Director noted.

He said the Book also placed emphasizes teachers’ welfare, health, and safety to attract and retain the best teachers.

Mrs Philippa Larsen, National President of GNAT called on Government to release funds to cover the expenses of practical examinations in Science, Visual Arts, and Agricultural in the on-going West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

“Practical tests deserve to receive the same attention as the written, GNAT, therefore, calls on government to release funds without delay to the affected schools for the conduct of WASSCE practical examinations,” Mrs Larsen said.

She appealed to the Ghana Education Service to recruit enough teachers to ease the burden on schools due to the Free Senior High School (SHS) Policy to improve quality work out-put.

The President explained that some teachers were compelled to teach on both the Gold and Green tracks, with some forfeiting vacations between six and ten months, and must be addressed.

Mrs Larsen called on parents to complement the government’s efforts by providing some needs of their wards under the Free SHS.

Dr Kennedy Achakoma, Head of Education of the Trade Union Congress called on the government to invest in building quality human resource, that would think outside the box to bring out quality education inspite of challenges.

At the event were representatives from the Ministry of Education, Judicial Staff Association of Ghana, and political parties, among others.

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Ghana: “The GNAT Standpoint On Education” Launched – Sarraute Educación María Magdalena

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