Teachers Association Used as a Tool to Harm The Public Interest – Jordan Education Minister

Jordan/July 28, 2020/Source: https://www.albawaba.com

The Jordan Teachers Association (JTA) had committed “clear violations” against its law and changed its course from real union activities”, Education Minister Tayseer Nueimi said on Sunday.

The minister said that the JTA had “interfered in the Education Ministry’s policies and focused on activities that violate the bylaws of the association, which is considered an alarming national issue”, Education Minister Tayseer Nueimi said on Sunday.

Authorities on Saturday suspended the members of the JTA council, members of its central body, branches and administrations from service and ordered the closure of the syndicate and its branches for two years over criminal and corruption charges.

The 13 defendants, members of the JTA, were ordered detained for one week at a correctional and rehabilitation centre pending further investigation.

“The JTA had become a tool that harms public interests. The association had alluded to disrupt the constitutional right of students to education,” a right guaranteed under international law and conventions, Nueimi said during a joint press conference at the Prime Ministry.

He also stressed that the government and the ministry were “open to the JTA and used all means of dialogue throughout several sessions, which led to the implementation of the provisions of the agreement between the government and the JTA.

“Despite the ministry’s openness towards the JTA council and the ministry’s participatory approach, the latter had continued to use the language of dictation and bullying, rejecting all offers to develop education,” he said.

He also highlighted the government’s keenness to enhance teachers’ lives “to maintain the stability and quality of the education process”, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The now-suspended union had “interfered” in the policies of education and curricula, violating Article 5/D of its law, the minister said.

The law stipulates the union’s commitment to comply with the requirements of the educational process, sustain students’ interests, not to harm his/her right to education, refrain from party activities, non-interference in education policies, curricula, programmes and resorting to legitimate means to meet teachers’ demands, notably dialogue, Petra said.

Referring to the strike conducted by the JTA earlier this year, the minister said that the association had maintained an “escalating narrative towards disrupting the school year, triggering confusion at the national level at a time when the country needs cooperation and solidarity more than ever”.

Also speaking during the press conference, Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh stressed that the government rejects “attempts to bully the state”, noting that the exceptional social and economic circumstances that the country is experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, “requires solidarity”.

He also said that protecting the security, health and education of Jordanians is the government’s “core responsibility”.

The media minister said that the now-suspended JTA “dropped hints” to hold strikes and rallies, which affects the sustainability of country’s vital facilities, and violates the Public Health Law and defence orders.

He also reiterated that the suspension of all allowances of public sector employees, including security personnel and healthcare cadre, is “temporary”.

The disbursement of allowances will be resumed as of January 1 of 2021, he said.

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Teachers Association Used as a Tool to Harm The Public Interest – Jordan Education Minister – Sarraute Educación María Magdalena

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