When will schools reopen? Date pupils can return to school in England

England/August 07, 2020/By Finlay Greig/Source: https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/

Schools across the UK have been closed since Friday 20 March, following an order from the government

Schools in England are set to return on a full-time basis in September following a coronavirus induced lockdown.

Children in England have been out of full-time education since Marc, with only a select few returning to schools prior to the Summer holidays.

The Education Secretary and Prime Minister have frequently underlined their determination to have all children back in school by Autumn.

When are schools reopening in England?

Following the summer holidays children in England will begin returning to school in September.

Most schools in England will return on either September 1 or September 2, with the autumn term running until December 18.

Children will return to a full-time programme.

What if there’s an outbreak at the school? If a coronavirus outbreak occurs at a school teachers will be required to contact health officials.

A school closure will not be necessary unless health officials issue specific advice to schools.

Schools are xpected to have a contingency plan for home-working in place should a school be forced to close.

What will the school day look like?

Children are expected to return to a standard full-time curriculum.

They will be expected to minimise contact with fellow pupils, with classes and year groups kept in distinct social bubbles.

Schools will be required to carry out a strict risk assessment prior to their return.

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