USA: The Latest: Reopened Calif. private school ordered to shut

USA/ 14 August 2020/  Source/

By Adam Robinson

The Latest: Reopened Calif. private school ordered to shut

FILE – In this Aug. 6, 2020, file photo, Audrey Wylie, a speech pathologist, at Saltillo Primary School, puts a bus number sticker on Cruz Antle, a first grader, as he gets off the bus for his first day back to school in Saltillo, Miss. As schools reopen around the country, their ability to quickly identify and contain coronavirus outbreaks before they get out of hand is about to be put to the test.

A new video of Interboro School District Director Christine Alonso at an Aug. 1 Black Lives Matter march and rally in Ridley Township has surfaced over the weekend, undercutting her claims that she did make any racially charged comments. The video, shot at the Ridley Township Building and shared over Facebook, shows Alonso saying to a protester off-screen: “I’m so racist, I fought for this country and every single one of you, but you’re right, I’m the racist. I fought for you. I fought for you. Stay over there, ho. Stay over there. Go get your welfare check. I know you ain’t got a job. Go get your f— welfare check.” Alonso can also be seen giving a person off-camera the finger in the video posted to the Facebook group Progressives of Interboro. She did not respond to an email seeking comment Monday.

Pennsylvania creates new recommendations on how schools should reopen

If the new school year started today, schools across Berks County should begin at least in part virtually, according to new guidance from the state. The state Department of Education and Department of Health on Monday unveiled a new tool aimed at helping school districts decide whether to reopen school buildings that have been closed since mid-March because of the coronavirus pandemic. It uses county-level COVID-19 data to group counties into one of three categories of risk of community spread: low, moderate or substantial.

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