Study of the English Language through Workshops in the Development of Autonomous Strategies for Pre-University Students

Ana Beatriz Aguirre-Jiménez1
Cruz Shuan Reyna Luisa2
William Eduardo Mory Chiparra3
Telmo Pablo Loli Poma4

The purpose of this article is to show the impact of the educational intervention through a workshop to develop the learning and study strategies, which would help the student in the process of “learning to learn”, developing his or her autonomous capabilities and projecting to expand their knowledge, creating own concepts to understand the world phenomenon. As a conclusion is said that the intervention influences in the development of the learning and Study strategies.
Keywords: Learning strategies, Educational intervention, learning to learn, positive attitude.

The reality of public and private schools in Peru shows that many students do not have selfregulatory strategies or adequate study habits or techniques to face academic demands. Thinking about learning and study strategies is the concern of many teachers today in order to achieve the requirements of the graduate profile, according to Minedu (2016): “The national curriculum presents the graduation profile as the common and comprehensive vision of learning that students should achieve at the end of basic education”. (p.8). In this sense, we have sought to highlight some of the learning aspects of the
profile: it affirms identity, exercises citizenship, develops initiative through motor skills, communicates in one’s native language and in English as a foreign language, and develops autonomous learning processes.
For this reason, it is important to consider the criteria that support the new paradigm of education for the 21st century, which, in the pedagogical aspect, has focused on the development of competencies; that is, the contents have been relegated to a second level and the development of competencies has come to occupy a preponderant place in every educational process (Flores, 2019).
It is undeniable that an institutional culture centered on learning is made up of clear training objectives, with high expectations in the responses of students; to achieve this, it makes use of effective methods that teachers must master, also optimizing systems for measuring learning and taking care of other circumstances outside the school context; all of which demand effort in school work.
It is also known that the teaching of strategies should result in strategic students able.
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1. Ana Beatriz Aguirre-Jiménez, Universidad César Vallejo, Perú, Email:
2. Cruz Shuan Reyna Luisa, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Perú, Email:
3. William Eduardo Mory Chiparra, Universidad César Vallejo, Perú, Email:
4. Telmo Pablo Loli Poma, Universidad Nacional Santiago Antúnez de Mayolo, Perú, Email:
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Study of the English Language through Workshops in the Development of Autonomous Strategies for Pre-University Students – Sarraute Educación María Magdalena

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