Ireland: Ban on student parties and sleepovers

Ireland/ 07 September 2020/ Source/

By Niamh Horan

Students at University College Dublin (UCD) will be asked to sign a contract to say they will practise social distancing on campus in a move that is expected to be rolled out nationwide.

As thousands of first-year students prepare to register, UCD confirmed they will have to sign a ‘health declaration’.

In it they must promise to follow social distancing rules and to self-isolate for 14 days if they experience any symptoms or visit so-called ‘red list’ countries.

If a student fails to adhere to the guidelines, the university will deal with them on a case-by-case basis.

The Covid-19 measures will also extend to limit student interactions, including banning all house parties and gatherings on campus.

Under the measures students will be prohibited from having guests sleep over at their residence.

On the ban on student parties and guest sleepovers a UCD spokesman said: “Residences are very easy to supervise and estate services will be there to keep everyone safe.

“We are complying with public health policies. When they change, we change.”


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Ireland: Ban on student parties and sleepovers – Sarraute Educación María Magdalena

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