USA: Equity and Excellence: Our Continued Commitment

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Our Four Organizational Priorities

Despite the challenges of this moment, the Chancellor’s four organizational priorities remain:

  • Accelerate Learning and Instruction
  • Develop People
  • Partner with Communities
  • Advance Equity Now

Strategies for Academic Excellence

In the nation’s largest school district, no two schools or students are the same. Yet there are best practices that underpin system-wide approaches to cultivating academic excellence in every classroom and for each of our pupils. These approaches continue in the time of COVID-19.

Comprehensive School Support

A system-wide strategy to ensure that every school is effectively supported in having their needs met.

Supportive Environment Framework

A system-wide approach to ensure safe, supportive, welcoming, and affirming environments in every classroom, for every student.

Instructional Leadership Framework – Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education

how we support students, as explained in the text A system-wide approach to accelerating learning and instruction in every classroom, for every student.

Our approach to instruction—the Instructional Leadership Framework—means we have asked schools to focus on 3 strategies:

    1. Strengthen Core Instruction
    2. Know Every Student Well
    3. Use Shared and Inclusive Curriculum

We are committed to Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education, which embraces students’ identities and sees diversity as a source of knowledge.

Teaching and Learning

The DOE is working to ensure that students receive high-quality, standards-based instruction in every instructional area.

Learn about supports for all students, in subject areas and programs, including multilingual learners, students with disabilities, and early childhood programs.

Choosing Remote Instruction for Fall

Families will have the option of choosing to have their child attend school solely through remote learning.

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USA: Equity and Excellence: Our Continued Commitment – Sarraute Educación María Magdalena

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