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Would anyone consider studying abroad during the time of a pandemic? Surveys by ed-tech companies and others have shown that, despite the disruptions caused by the coronavirus, students are considering options for higher education in foreign countries. Of course, what they look for has changed. “No longer can students just look at rankings and reputations of universities, while making their choices,” writes Geetha Swamy in her book, A Guide to UK Universities for the Foreign Student. The quality of learning, adaptation to online education, upgradation of infrastructure and training of faculty to cope with new demands are the points she suggests that students must consider.

A college counsellor with over 20 years of experience, Swamy offers a comprehensive overview of college education in the U.K. She begins with how the student should register at the Universities and Colleges Admission Services (UCAS) website and goes on to offer tips on writing the Personal Statement to the point of breaking it down into key points for each para. Then come the various tests a student will have to take, depending on the subject of choice. Here again, apart from detailing what each test is about, Swamy offers information on the registration fee, when to apply, deadlines, and possible acceptable scores. Medical schools get a separate entry.

Oxbridge colleges get a whole section, with details about how to choose the university and the interview process. A tabular list tells one which colleges come under Cambridge University and which under Oxford University. The salient features of each college are mentioned, including location, facilities offered and the number of students at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

After this, Swamy plunges into a list of 27 colleges across the U.K. In each case, a brief introduction details its ranking and important scholars (if any). Then there is an overview of what the college offers and key points like the official website, location, selection criteria, total strength, strongest programmes, monetary costs, internship and scholarship opportunities …

Apart from mentioning the faculty:student ratio, she also rates their selection criteria into selective, most selective and highly selective. Student support systems including healthcare, visa and money issues and facilities available are all detailed.

The book is laid out in an easy-to-read format with the information being both lucid and concise. As a reference point for students who are looking towards the U.K. for higher education, this is a valuable guide.

A Guide to UK Universities for the International Student; Geetha Swamy. Priced at ₹693. To buy a copy, call +919845063592 or email

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