Uganda: Ministry of Education warns schools on mock UNEB examinations

Uganda/November 24, 2020/By: The Independent-URN/Source:

Ministry of Education has warned schools against giving external mock examinations to learners as they wait to sit for their UNEB finals.

In April, the Minister of Education, Janet Museveni banned schools from giving candidates several mock examinations as is the normal practice.

She argued that the ban from extra sets of mocks is to ensure that the syllabus recovery term is not misused. Janet said that all learners will sit for one set of internal mock examinations at the end of the second term.

Ismael Mulindwa the Director Basic and Secondary Education says that they have received reports of schools charging parents money for Mocks. Mulindwa says that the actions of the schools are unacceptable because some parents can’t afford due to the effects of the covid-19 lock down.

Mulindwa says that schools have been encouraged to organize internal assessments once in a while especially after completing a topic to assess the learners’ capability but not routine external exams.

Despite the government’s position, associations that set the mocks for partner schools have started courting the schools.

According to a statement provided by Ndugwa Badru of WAKISSHA which is a joint body for schools in Wakiso providing joint mock examinations, UCE package costs 400,000 Shillings, UACE (Arts) and Sciences 300,000 Shillings.

Some of the schools visited by URN that include Makerere College and Nakasero primary distanced themselves from doing external mocks to assess their learners.

FILE PHOTO: A student does her exams. Government is warning no internal mocks are allowed this time.

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Ministry of Education warns schools on mock UNEB examinations


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