Pakistan: Formulation of education policy ordered through consultation

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As Pakistan does not have an updated comprehensive educational policy to represent the country so under the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan, Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood has ordered the formulation of the National Education Policy 2021 through a widespread consultative process. “Pakistan Education Policy 2021 will ensure a national cohesion and harmony across religious and ethnic divides as well as capturing the divergence that is absolutely essential for the context of Pakistan,” the minister said in a post on Twitter.

He said the policy would also nationally converge on key education aspects for standards, educational stages (primary, middle, high etc.) system of exams and admissions, teacher management standards etc.

“This policy will ensure equity in education for all children and institutions across the country,” he said.

The minister said while the ministry had taken the number of initiatives including Single National Curriculum, a formal education policy for the country is necessary.

“On my directions, the process has been started by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, which includes widespread consultation. All suggestions are welcome,” he said.

Pakistan developed the National Education Policy in 2009 however, shortly thereafter in April 2010, the constitution was amended and the subject of Education was fully devolved to the provinces. In September 2011, a joint declaration on education was signed by all provinces and regions.

The joint declaration stated that the federal, provincial and area representatives declare that the National Education Policy 2009 subject to such adaptations as necessitated in view of 18th constitutional amendment shall continue to be jointly owned national document.

Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training has written a letter to all provinces and the areas government to seek their input on key aspects of the policy convergence and the suggested topics which need to be covered in the national policy document.

It also reached out to all other stakeholders, educationists, researchers, writers, academia, and encouraging them to actively participate in this nationally importance responsibility. This national document will be finalised by the end of March 2021.

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