USA: Mobile County teachers union pushing for COVID bonuses; school board has not made a decision

USA/ 10 February 2021/ Source/

By Tyler Figert

MOBILE, Ala (WALA) — Just weeks after Baldwin County gave out $1,000 COVID bonuses to teachers, the Mobile County Alabama Education Association now wants something in Mobile County.

So far, no decision has been made in Mobile County yet, but teachers are hopeful.

“We’re doing double duty, I do know that because we’re teaching the kids in the classroom as well as the kids online and you’re trying to manage both,” said Danielle Portis, a Mobile County teacher.

Some teachers say they are doing extra work and now the Mobile County teachers union wants extra pay. They are urging the school district to offer a bonus or a higher raise to reward employees during the pandemic.

“We think we deserve a little bit, you know a little bit of something to show the appreciation for all the extra things that we have been doing,” Portis said.

The bonus talk was brought up during Tuesday’s Mobile County School Board hearing on salaries for the next budget year.

School Board Vice President Dr. William Foster says discussions are underway, but he points to other careers that are also potentially being exposed to COVID.

“As are people who are working in other professions as well they’re putting themselves at risk too,” he said.

Despite that, school board members say they are looking at the possibility, but it is still up in the air.

“I can’t say that I’m in favor or not in favor of that,” Dr. Foster said.

“It would be my hope and expectation that sometime we might be able to do that, but I don’t know yet,” said School Board Member Don Stringfellow.

No matter the decision, teachers like Portis will make sure Mobile students are learning.

“I still love my job, I’m going to continue to do my job,” she said.

It is unclear when a decision might be made.

FOX10 News asked Dr. Foster about that, but he said he is not sure.



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USA: Mobile County teachers union pushing for COVID bonuses; school board has not made a decision – Sarraute Educación María Magdalena

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