Tomorrow Education Foundation Building Schools – and Hope – for Children in Cameroon

Publicado: 18 febrero 2021 a las 12:00 am

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Creating opportunity through education in one of the world’s poorest countries is a tall order. But that is a challenge eagerly accepted by Blaise Mbargorba, a 7-foot tall basketball player who recently graduated from Boston University. A native of Cameroon, Mbargorba, he was able to turn his height and athletic ability into a college education in the United States. Now he is turning his time and talent to Tomorrow Education (, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation he established to help ensure wider educational opportunities in his homeland.

Tomorrow Education was founded in September 2020 with a goal of impacting elementary and secondary schools in Cameroon. The mission of Tomorrow Education is to reconstruct school buildings to accommodate all students in their community and create a conducive learning environment where both student and teacher can flourish.

“We evaluate the physical condition of schools and, through donors and sponsors, reconstruct schools based on both school and community needs,” says Blaise Mbargorba. “Through education, communities can grow stronger and improve their economic standing. Tomorrow Education factors in everything from the skills needed for their specific job markets to the school facilities that can prepare their children for their future. Together, we hope to bring communities in Cameroon one step closer to climbing out of poverty.”

“The average child in Cameroon only receives 10 years of education, and many children leave school early to enter the workforce,” according to Jenna Rice, a Director at Gray, Gray & Gray, LLP in Canton, MA who serves as Treasurer for Tomorrow Education. “Due to the lack of proper funding, infrastructure, and teachers in the educational system, the adult literacy rate in Cameroon is approximately 70%, which is well below the global average of 86.3%.”

Blaise Mbargorba says the long-term goal of Tomorrow Education is, “to expand throughout Central Africa, working with already established primary and secondary school systems to build new facilities that can actually accommodate all students. No more children sitting on the floor!”

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