Pakistan- Online education system will improve with time

Publicado: 14 abril 2021 a las 2:00 am

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Pakistan/April 14, 2021/By: Sidra Ayan/Source:

Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted daily lives of people all around the world and it’s going to take enormous efforts of years to bring things back to normal.

Along with other sectors, educational institutions also had to face the consequences caused by the pandemic because this fatal virus has resulted in closing the educational institutes resulting in making parents of the students anxious regarding their children’s studies.

Due to incessant holidays, Shafqat Mehmood became the favourite education minister for some students, while on the flip side, some students and their parents don’t seem much happy about the current situation regarding holidays.

On one hand, online education has made life easier for some students, while on the other hand, it has increased the difficulties for other pupils.

Some students belong to rural areas where there are a lot of internet issues for example Upper Dir, Lower Dir, Bajaur and Buner etc.

Other students complain that they have to take classes on the roofs of their houses while holding an umbrella as a shield from the scorching heat while the other time they have to move from one corner of the house to another, holding their mobile phones, to get better Internet connection so that they could take their online classes.

But the situation has become graver for those students who barely manage to pay their university fees because along with the university fees now they have to pay for Internet packages as well which is only possible if they have access to smartphones or laptops.

Some students were self-employed and had to pay their fees by doing some part-time work but the lockdown has taken away this opportunity as well.

According to some students, they don’t get to learn anything but yet they have to make sure to submit their fees on time otherwise their LMS account can get suspended in exams and they might get deprived of conducting exams.

However, some students seem happy about the given situation regarding coronavirus and this includes journalism students.

According to them, they did not have access to practical work because of regular classes. They are of the view that there is a major difference in theory and fieldwork.

They have taken advantage of lockdown throughout the year by taking internships and participating in training and workshops in a variety of places and have learned a plethora of things and got at least one year of experience by doing fieldwork. These students further shared that there is no significant change in the education system because previously they were given GPA after learning something by submitting fees and now they gain marks by submitting fees without the learning process.

According to one of the students, one can easily get 2.5 to 3.5 GPA by submitting 23,000 fee.

While some other students think that apart from these problems their hard work is going in vain. According to them, they work hard to get prominent marks but those students who don’t study at all tend to get a lot of marks in exams by the means of plagiarism, which results in discouraging diligent students.

They say that something is better than nothing. These students are willing to accept the online education system if only the education system is made more secure.

It should be noted that some improvements have been made in the current online exam system after which students are not allowed to open any tab other than the paper.

Students are hopeful that if educational institutions are not opened, the online education system will improve over time.

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