Malaysia: Move calling students to skip school contradicts education etiquette- MBM

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The move urging students to skip school through the #MakeSchoolASaferPlace campaign, is in contradiction to school etiquette rules in which students have been taught the acceptable behaviour in respecting the education system.

Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) president Jufitri Joha (pix) said there are other more creative and effective ways to create awareness on sex education and making schools safe and peaceful for students, in line with eastern traditions.

“Attending classes is part of the learning etiquettes in being respectful to the learning process, your teachers and the education system,” he said in a statement today.

He said MBM was also in agreement that students should be given the right to speak out to protect themselves from any form of harassment including sexual harassment and threats of rape, but the campaign should be mounted by the students and teachers concerned.

As such he said, MBM was recommending that stern action be taken against those taking advantage of the situation and playing up issues related to rape threats and sexual harassment.

An alliance of activists had earlier called on students and teachers to protest against rape culture and sexual harassment by being absent from school for one day, after a teen claimed a teacher had made jokes about rape during a physical and health education class at her school.- Bernama

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Malaysia: Move calling students to skip school contradicts education etiquette- MBM – Sarraute Educación María Magdalena

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