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Access to quality education is a challenge not only for families, but also for developing countries.

Francisco Cajiao, Colombian philosopher and researcher of educational systems in the world, after seeing the results of several Latin American countries in the 2019 International Program for Student Assessment (PISA) tests, concluded that “one cannot wait different results if you always keep doing the same thing. I think the educational systems in Latin America have been stagnant ”.

It also understands that “knowledge habits and their sources of access to information are very different and our educational systems are still deeply anchored in a mental structure that no longer works.”

This leads to rethink the need for the student population, teachers and parents and guardians to acquire tools that, in addition to encouraging learning, strengthen knowledge and cognitive skills in accordance with what the current structure of thought demands.

This is essential, because access to quality education enables upward socioeconomic mobility and is key to getting out of poverty. Both the end of poverty and quality education are challenges established in the United Nations 2030 Development Agenda. What makes it necessary to articulate society to achieve the goals included in both objectives. Education is even key to addressing the achievement of other global purposes such as raising awareness about climate change or the role it plays in building peace and access to justice.


The key to promoting the integral development of society

Basically, “education is a key element to promote the integral development of society”, as recognized by the Carlos Slim Foundation of the América Móvil group, Claro Dominicana’s parent company. Therefore, it makes available to students, teachers, parents and guardians PruebaT, a platform that promotes and encourages learning in a gamification or game-based environment, with the purpose of promoting a strengthening of the quality of education, mainly in developing countries in Latin America.

This online platform, with a presence in more than 170 countries, including the Dominican Republic where it is promoted by Claro, allows users to access content and standardized tests to strengthen knowledge and cognitive skills. Both the content, as well as the educational experience and navigation, are completely free when registering at, accessing from

Likewise, it provides access to preparation questionnaires based on the questions released by the OECD for the PISA test.


Dominicans in Trial

Between January 2018 and August 2021, more than 100,000 Dominicans have registered on the educational platform, of which 86% are students. In total 731 schools / colleges have been registered, of which 83.45% are public education institutions.




Teachers have at their disposal 320 materials with courses and information to train and update themselves on issues of educational innovation. They can also make assignments and monitor the activities of students or educational centers and monitor their achievements and performance.

For parents, Probate offers the opportunity to place activities and reinforcement classes and information about classes at home, and follow-up on homework and learning.

The online educational platform offers the possibility of accessing knowledge, regardless of time and space, provides a personalized learning experience that can be used for students, teachers and parents to identify their opportunities for improvement and, from From this, they generate educational strategies appropriate to their needs.


What does the platform allow?

7 key features of TestT


  1. Free access and navigation when registering.
  2. Gamification environment that facilitates the development of skills and knowledge, in a fun way. Encourage learning through rewards that reward users’ efforts.
  3. Establish a learning rhythm and review the contents in an unlimited way.
  4. Provides access to questionnaires developed with gamification techniques and based on the questions released by the OECD for the PISA test.
  5. Task panel to assign activities and monitor the performance of participating students, groups and schools.
  6. Teachers and schools can have access to indicators and graphs on the performance of their users.
  7. The courses aimed at teachers allow obtaining a certificate of participation issued by the Carlos Slim Foundation.



A commitment to Latin America

This platform is committed to collaborating in closing the gaps in the area of ​​education for countries, especially in Latin America, since its resources allow the generation of educational strategies. It is an excellent tool for ministries of education, as it adapts tests and courses, taking into account the content needs of the region. Likewise, it offers a permanent analysis on the performance of the students, with the aim that this information facilitates decision-making regarding educational intervention.

Based on this, the Carlos Slim Foundation has set itself the objective of extending the benefits of this valuable educational tool with more Spanish-speaking countries and offering possibilities to innovate daily practice to teachers, showing them educational trends that can be useful in their work.



This commercial content was written by the Brand Stories team, from Grupo Diario Libre, for Claro Dominicana.


The key is quality education



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