Nepal: Schools built with India’s assistance inaugurated

Publicado: 12 diciembre 2021 a las 12:03 am

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Nepal/December 12, 2021/Source:

Two new schools that were built with Indian assistance have been inaugurated in the Sarlahi district of Nepal.

Under the India grant assistance, two new schools were inaugurated in the Sarlahi district of Nepal on Thursday. The two schools were Shree Bal Govind Janta Higher Secondary School at Pipariya, Kabilasi-2 and Shree Janta Secondary School at Netragunj, Lalbandi-1, as per the Indian embassy.

The embassy also stated that the schools have been built at a cost of Rs. 6.94 million and Rs. 15.94 million respectively from grant assistance by the Government of India.

Why were the schools needed?

The embassy further stated, «The existing schools in the region had facilities of primary education only. The Shree Janta Higher Secondary School at Netraganj is being utilized for teaching management and technical education as well.»

The statement continued on to remark on the need for the newly developed schools, «Also, as the area is densely populated, it is difficult for the existing infrastructure to cater to the educational needs of children in the area.

It added, «The new school buildings would create an improved environment for learning in the rural region and contribute to the development of education in the district.»

The buildings for the schools were classified as a High Impact Community Development Project (HICDPs) and were built under an agreement between India and Nepal and the District Coordination Committee of Sarlahi.

Other development projects committed by India

A total of 523 HICDPs have been undertaken by India in Nepal.

Of these, 461 projects have reached the state of completion and 58 projects are in Province 2, including 20 in Sarlahi District.

Apart from this, 38 ambulances have been gifted to various health posts along with a school bus to the Sarlahi District.

The embassy further stated that India and Nepal share unique ties of friendship and cooperation along with a multi-faceted and multi-sectoral development partnership.

The embassy also remarked that the creation of an education infrastructure reflects the continued commitment of the Government of India in complementing the efforts of the Government of Nepal to create and augment infrastructure in priority sectors.