Holocaust education program examines the portrayal of Jews and the Holocaust in videogames

Publicado: 28 enero 2022 a las 2:00 pm

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USA/ 28 January, 2022/ Source/ https://useducationservice.com/

Videogames have a long history of using World War 2 as a backdrop, but the Holocaust goes virtually untouched. It’s not surprising: By and large, games designed as entertainment—often comical or at least unserious entertainment—and the mass murder of six million human beings in pursuit of a racist ideology doesn’t suit that intention. To mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Center will take a look at one game that does focus on the Holocaust: The Light in the Darkness, an “educational historical experience” about the Holocaust in France.

“I am French, and the Holocaust in France is rarely discussed,” director Luc Bernard explained last year on Xbox Wire. “Another reason it resonates with me is since I was a boy, and my grandmother would tell me stories of her looking after Kindertransport children in the UK. So, the Holocaust shaped my family.”