University Of São Paulo: Literature From Brazil And Portugal Is The Subject Of An Online Event

Publicado: 16 marzo 2022 a las 2:00 am

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Brazil-Portugal/March 16, 2022/

Specialists will address different aspects of Brazilian and Portuguese literature at the 5th International Colloquium Literary Interlocutions Brazil/Portugal , a free event that takes place on March 14, 15 and 16, broadcast via the internet . The meeting was organized by professors Vagner Camilo, from the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences (FFLCH) at USP, Maria Aparecida Ribeiro, from the University of Coimbra, and Vania Chaves, from the University of Lisbon.

The opening of the colloquium will be at 11 am (Brasília time) on the 14th, Monday. At this time, Professor Carlos Reis, from the University of Coimbra, will give the conference Making a Good Figure: Queirosiana Character Whole Body . Then, two discussion tables will be held, in which topics related to the works of authors such as the Brazilian Casimiro de Abreu and the Portuguese Almeida Garret will be addressed, as well as issues related to the national identity of Brazil and Portugal. Ana Paula Arnaut, from Coimbra, Angela Beatriz de Carvalho Faria, from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Francisco Topa, from the University of Porto, and Manuel Ferro, from Coimbra, participate in this cycle of debates.

On the 15th, Tuesday, also from 11 am, there will be three tables. In the first one, professors Ida Alves, from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), and Clara Rowland, from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, will talk about the reception and influence of Graciliano Ramos and Carlos Drummond de Andrade in the work of Portuguese writer Carlos de Oliveira. At the second table, professor Simone Rossinetti Rufinoni, from USP, will address the poetry of the Portuguese Guerra Junqueiro and the Brazilian Cruz e Sousa, and Vagner Camilo will explore the theme Lins do Rego, Leitor de Eça de Queirós . Poetry and censorship are among the topics to be discussed at the third table by professors Sheila Hue, from the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Uerj), and Vania Pinheiro Chaves, from the University of Lisbon.

Finally, on the 16th, another table and the closing conference are planned. From 11 am, always in Brasília time, professor Maria Aparecida Ribeiro, from the University of Coimbra, will analyze the poetry of the Portuguese Alberto de Serpa and the Brazilian Ribeiro Couto, and professor Mirhiane Mendes de Abreu, from the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp), will investigate the correspondence between the Brazilian modernist writer Mário de Andrade and the Portuguese writer Casais Monteiro. The closing conference will be given by the Portuguese professor, literary critic and essayist Fernando Martinho, from the University of Lisbon. He will talk about Jorge de Sena and Manuel Bandeira .