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Pearson Online Academy helps students from across the U.S. and around the world advance academically and move on to succeed in higher education and professionally. They are a highly effective alternative to traditional private school.

Pearson Online Academy UK Global is a high-quality personalised online private school delivering Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs and A Levels for 14–24-year-olds that can be accessed virtually anywhere. We inspire and empower our students to achieve academic excellence through our affordable, online education that prepares them for brilliant futures.

This inspiring, innovative international school is for students aged 14–24 who want to study a flexible and personalised British curriculum. Energetic students from the UK and around the world can engage in learning through our high-quality online private school.

Who the school is for

The students are as unique as their physical location with many of them coming to the school with needs and expectations beyond what their local school provides. Some of the students travel a lot, others are athletes, or performers who need flexibility to pursue their craft, and others come looking for more challenging courses. Regardless of their reason, Pearson Online Academy UK Global can help your child achieve academic excellence.

Pearson Online Academy UK Global is a good fit for students who:

  • Want the flexibility to pursue travel and Co-Curricular passions, including sports, the arts, volunteering, and other pursuits both locally and internationally
  • ant to get a head start on university requirements
  • Want to use technology tools and a digital environment to prepare for university and tomorrow’s careers
  • Who (student or parent) are not satisfied with their local schools or who live in remote areas
  • Varying academic needs – children who have struggled receive the additional academic support they need to succeed
  • Families who value home education
  • Students who desire enrichment – students who attend school elsewhere but wish to supplement and enrich their learning with extracurricular activities and a variety of elective choices.

Core Academic Programme

Pearson Online Academy UK Global provides the internationally renowned British curriculum through an outstanding and innovative learning experience that will widen students’ horizons, giving them access to the world’s top universities and preparing them with the skills needed for successful and fulfilling careers.

Students prepare for the high quality and globally recognised Pearson Edexcel International GCSE and International A Level qualifications. These qualifications, taken by over 100,000 students in over 80 countries each year, are designed for international learners and are equivalent to UK GCSE and GCE A level.

Core subjects taught at Pearson Online Academy UK Global are English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business, Economics, Computer Science, Spanish, French, Geography and Psychology.

Future focused curriculum

The high-quality online curriculum sets Pearson Online Academy UK Global apart from a traditional private school or home-school curriculum. It’s designed to help students gain the knowledge and thinking skills they’ll need for life after Pearson Online Academy UK Global, including the rigors of higher education and their chosen career path.

The flipped classroom teaching method increases student engagement and encourages critical thinking, which is why we use it at Pearson Online Academy UK Global. Students work through interactive self-study materials to develop an understanding of subject content, followed by a structured LiveLesson® session in a virtual classroom. Students work through materials independently at a time and pace that suits them, and the technology generates deep insights about their learning. This frees up our teachers, making them available for individual sessions with students to help them with any questions or uncertainties they may have. Each teacher has at least an hour a day available for drop-in sessions with students.

With the best teachers and resources available to them, students master core subjects: English, mathematics, and science. A selection of exciting Co-Curricular courses extend the learning experience. Pearson Online Academy UK Global provides every student with academic counselling to help them select classes that broaden their skills, allow them to explore new interests, and push them to achieve their goals.

Students are positioned to be recognised as strong applicants at universities around the globe, reflecting the strength of the school’s curriculum and Co-Curricular programme, the quality of teaching, and the self-management skills they gain from participating in online learning.


Connecting with other students can be one of the most important parts of school. That’s why Pearson Online Academy UK Global offer a varied Co-Curricular programme with a wide variety of academically-focused student engagement clubs designed to extend learning throughout the school year.

These free clubs and engagement activities enable online students to pursue their interests and deepen their learning while making friends with students who attend Pearson Online Academy UK Global.

The online school clubs and activities make it possible for students to:

  • Extend learning that supports their academic interests through engaging projects and presentations
  • Connect with students from across the country and the world
  • Make new friends
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Gain social confidence
  • Explore new interests and expand their knowledge
  • Share their own original creations with peers
  • Participate in fun contests and competitions
  • Have fun!

At the start of each academic year, the student body selects activities, clubs, and societies. Regular meetings and gatherings are held in virtual classrooms where they are co-led by students and a teacher or Success Coach. These activities are all part of the well-rounded student experience at Pearson Online Academy UK Global.


Offering students the best tools for the future

In recent years, universities and employers have highlighted the need for students and graduates to develop a range of transferable skills, often referred to as ‘soft skills’, to enable them to better meet the demands of undergraduate study and the world of work.

At Pearson Online Academy UK Global, the teaching and learning, combined with Pearson Edexcel’s world-class qualifications, instil and embed the skills that students need to grow into resilient, curious and globally connected young adults. In addition, Pearson Edexcel’s rigorous qualifications are accepted by top universities across the world – such as Oxford, Cambridge, Pearson College London, Columbia and Yale – leading on to prestigious employment opportunities.

Pearson Online Academy UK Global works hard to support the university aspirations and career ambitions of every student. Success Coaches and teachers all play a part in helping to prepare students at the school for competitive applications to the world’s top universities.

In regular one-to-one coaching sessions, experienced Success Coaches advise students about how to write compelling personal statements and university essays. They also prepare students for university interviews, coaching them on how to best field questions about their academic passions and wider interests.

Personalised Online Learning

Every student at Pearson Online Academy UK Global receives a personalised learning plan designed with their goals in mind. Success Coaches work with every student individually to discover their strengths, provide ongoing support, and help them achieve their full potential. A student’s Success Coach is an important partner at Pearson Online Academy UK Global, and along with the teachers are invested in your child’s future.

Every student is supported through:

1. Goal setting

Assessments are conducted to evaluate a student’s strengths, find opportunities for growth, and set academic goals.

2. Ongoing assessments

Regular testing and evaluation of student work shows teachers and Success Coaches how to modify a student’s programme for continued success.

3. Academic support and mentorship

Teachers are available to provide one-on-one help, academic support, extra challenge, and mentorship to students.

4. Social and emotional support

Success Coaches are trained professionals and SEND specialists. They help work through things like stress, conflict management, and other challenges that may arise.

5. University and career counselling
The school is dedicated to ensuring your child has access to the most promising post-secondary opportunities. Whether they need help registering for admission exams or scheduling university openday visits, the dedicated teaching and Success Coach team is here to help.

Expert Teachers ready to help students achieve more

At Pearson Online Academy UK Global, the quality of the teachers defines the student experience. Every member of the teaching staff is a subject expert specially trained to deliver lessons in a virtual environment. Students collaborate with their teachers regularly, both on-on-one and in real-time LiveLesson® sessions.

Through this collaboration, teachers get to know each student personally, working together with parents as partners for success. These close bonds enable teachers to personalise lessons and coursework to ensure thateach student receives the right degree of challenge and support. Teachers continually monitor student participation and performance to provide valuable, timely feedback and help every student achieve their academic goals.

Feedback sessions are opportunities for teachers to help students take their learning to the next level, whether that means applying what they’ve learned to a special project or taking on more challenging assignments.

Teachers leverage the powerful interactive resources and tools, that are available to them, to motivate and engage students. The LiveLesson® sessions bring the virtual classrooms the lively, personal interactions you would expect to see in the best brick and-mortar school.