Transforming education to transform the world

Publicado: 19 septiembre 2022 a las 12:03 am

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Greening Education Partnership

Getting every learner climate-ready

The UN Secretary-General calls the climate crisis ‘a battle for our lives’, as we still struggle to transform our societies to reach the 1.5°c-degree path recommended by the Paris Agreement.

Rapid and radical transformation at all levels and in many aspects of our life is required, with education as a central and powerful means to support the adaptation and strengthen the resilience of learners and societies. It is also important to ensure education systems become more resilient to climate change to create safe and climate-proof schools.

The UN Secretary General’s Transforming Education Summit has confirmed that education must be transformed to respond to the global climate and environmental crisis. Building off of the knowledge and practice accumulated in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), a new Greening Education Partnership aims to deliver strong, coordinated and comprehensive action that will prepare every learner to acquire the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to tackle climate change and to promote sustainable development.


Taking a life-long learning approach starting from pre-primary to adult education, ESD aims to equip all learners with critical competencies covering not only knowledge, but also social and emotional awareness and actions, including critical thinking and collaboration.

With such knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes, learners gain insight into the complexity of the climate crisis, interconnectedness of global sustainability challenges, as well as how to contribute to problem-solving in daily contexts.

Drawing upon ESD’s holistic approach to learning, the Greening Education Partnership aims to inspire action from countries to empower learners with the skills required for inclusive and sustainable economic development within the context of the transition toward digital and green economies.


Countries are encouraged to join the Greening Education Partnership in the four action areas. Countries are invited to commit to achieve the set targets of at least two and if possible all four components by 2030. Progress is regularly monitored and the global network ‘ESD-Net 2030’ will provide a platform to exchange experiences and showcase good practices.