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Mundo: Covid-19 problema sanitario: Crisis en la educación

Publicado: 21 julio 2020

Mundo/21 julio 2020/Fuente: En marzo de 2020, el Programa Mundial de Alimentos calculaba que 300 millones de alumnos de primaria habían dejado de recibir sus alimentos al haberse suspendido sus clases. Unesco ha alertado que existen 258 millones de niños y jóvenes totalmente fuera del sistema educativo. La crisis sanitaria mundial ha obligado al […]

Australia: Australia to restart granting visas to international students to lift struggling university sector

Publicado: 20 julio 2020

Australia/20 Jul 2020/by Paul Karp/source: Government announces current student visa holders studying online outside Australia due to Covid-19 will also be allowed to count study towards work visa. Australia will recommence granting international student visas and allow current students to count online study while overseas in a push to restart international education. The changes, […]

The future role of TAFE in Australian tertiary education

Publicado: 18 julio 2020

Australia/July 18, 2020/By John Pardy/Source: Vocational education institutions aren’t being considered as equals to universities, despite the Government’s rhetoric to the contrary, writes Dr John Pardy. RECENTLY, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s speech at the National Press Club focused on industrial relations and vocational education. He established that his government’s expectations were that vocational education should become a “first best […]

Amnesty International Malaysia says Putrajaya’s religious education for transgenders harmful, should be outlawed

Publicado: 12 julio 2020

Malaysia/July 12, 2020/BY JERRY CHOONG/Source: The Malaysian chapter of Amnesty International today urged the government to stop persecuting transgenders by forcing religious indoctrination on them in order to make them “return to the right path”. Amnesty International Malaysia interim executive director Preethi Bhardwaj said that being transgender “is not a crime”, in response to […]

Philippine education in crisis

Publicado: 11 julio 2020

Philippine/July 11, 2020/By: Anne Marxze Umil/Source: More than 9 million students in both private and public schools had enrolled online for schoolyear 2020-2021 as the month of June ended. The resumption of K-12 classes is scheduled for Aug. 24 this year, hence the Department of Education’s (DepEd) reserving the entire month of June for […]

Restructuring higher education funding in Australia during a pandemic


Australia/July 11, 2020/By Naomi Moy/Source:  The higher education sector needs funding reform or government intervention to recover from severe losses due to the pandemic, write Naomi Moy and Dr Francesco Paolucci. HIGHER EDUCATION has played a significant role in Australia’s development; it is frequently integrated into regional policy and was reported as Australia’s fourth-largest export in 2019. Universities play multiple […]