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Nigeria making first steps to introduce a peace education curriculum with UNESCO’s support

Publicado: 17 noviembre 2023

Nigeria/November 17, 2023/By. UNESCO/Source: Addressing national histories of violence and conflicts is essential for building and sustaining peace but can be extremely sensitive and complex – especially in contexts that have witnessed very recent atrocities. Inspired by the pedagogy of Holocaust education, Nigeria is now crafting its own delicate and balanced approach to navigate […]

Adventist Education Is Thriving in Eastern Nigeria, Results Show

Publicado: 11 noviembre 2023

Nigeria/November 11, 2023/By: Marcos Paseggi, Adventist Review/Source: Seventh-day Adventist world and regional leaders stopped by two educational institutions managed by the church in Eastern Nigeria on the afternoon of November 2. The visit highlighted the meteoric growth of Adventist education in the region and the church’s commitment to support it. Adventist leaders, including General […]

Transforming Nigeria: How 1.5 million girls found their way to school

Publicado: 25 octubre 2023

Nigeria/October 25, 2023/Source: Nigeria’s child population is large and growing. Children (0-18 years) account for half of the 210 million strong population. By 2030, when all children should have access to inclusive, quality education, Nigeria will account for 17 per cent of the children in Africa and 5 per cent of the children in […]

Cómo las universidades de Senegal empoderan a niñas y mujeres mediante la transmisión de competencias y la formación en iniciativa empresarial

Publicado: 21 octubre 2023

Senegal/20 de octubre 2023/Fuente: “La formación en competencias e iniciativa empresarial me ayudó como emprendedora a tener más posibilidades de éxito con mi empresa”, afirma Betty Kane, graduada recientemente del Departamento de Ingeniería Química y Biología Aplicada de la École Supérieure Polytechnique de Dakar (Senegal). Betty aspira a que CHEESE’SEN, nueva empresa que ha […]

To prosper, Africa’s children and youth must learn

Publicado: 18 agosto 2023

By Safaa El-Kogali More African children have access to education than ever before. But learning outcomes are low. The World Bank estimates that 89 percent of African children are “learning poor”—unable to read and understand a basic text at age 10 or when they complete third grade. The World Bank coined the term “learning poverty” to highlight […]

How poor leadership, funding frustrate basic education in northern Nigeria

Publicado: 14 agosto 2023

Nigeria/August 14, 2023/By: Justin Tyopuusu, Ted Odogwu, Tukur Muntari, Armstrong Bakam, Chika Otuchikere, and Uthman Abubakar/Source: It was a cold morning in Lau Local Government Area of Taraba State. The date was Tuesday, May 23, 2023, and time was a few minutes after 10. One of our correspondents had embarked on a trip to Karim […]